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Ten Healthy Reasons to Add Reishi to Your Diet

Healthy Reasons To Add Reishi Mushrooms To Your Diet

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Since ancient times, people have considered Reishi mushrooms to be beneficial to well-being.  Healers in Asia have been using Reishis for at least 2,000 years.  There are many healthy reasons to add Reishi to your diet.

Reishi Mushroom Benefits

Reishi mushrooms (Also called Lingzhi mushrooms) were known to the ancients as “The Mushroom of Immortality.”  Chinese herbalists consider Reishi Mushrooms to have positive benefits on par with the illustrious Ginsing root for maintaining health.

If you’ve never tried Reishi mushrooms, you are missing out on a good thing. These mushrooms are full of antioxidants and nutrients.  Studies have shown them to have detoxifying properties and healing properties and more – much more.

Reishi mushrooms are readily available dried, ground in capsules, or as an extract.  You can easily hydrate the dry ones by soaking them in water.  Once they are moist, they can be diced and added to your sautees.  We will link to some high-quality sources for Reishi mushrooms later in this article.

10 Healthy Reasons to Add Reishi Mushrooms to Your Diet

Read on for 10 reasons why you should include the Reishi mushroom as a part of your diet.

Reishi Mushrooms Have Anti-Aging Qualities

Life-Extension Magazine published a lengthy article about the anti-aging qualities of Reishi Mushrooms.  Specifically, these mushrooms contain Ganoderma lucidum peptide, which is a protein that researchers are studying for its powerful antioxidant characteristics.

They Can Help to Detoxify Your Body

Reishi mushrooms are a great detoxifier, especially for the liver.  They may also be useful in protecting the liver from the toxic chemicals that we encounter in our day-to-day lives.

Reishi mushrooms may also be useful in reducing levels of Hepatitis B in the livers of infected patients.

They May Fight Cancer

Reishi mushrooms have cancer-fighting qualities. When taken, they appear to hone in on cancer cells and help to eliminate them. It has not been approved as a first-line approach to cancer therapy, but reishi mushrooms are often recommended as a complementary therapy alongside traditional methods.

There is also evidence suggesting that reishi mushrooms may have preventative properties against cancer, which is yet another reason for adding this mushroom to your health regimen.

They Can Lower Blood Pressure

If you are struggling with high blood pressure, Reishi mushrooms may help to control it. The presence of triterpenes in reishi mushrooms help to improve the heart’s overall efficiency, which can result in lower blood pressure.

Reishi Mushrooms Can Help to Stabilize Blood Sugar

Reishi mushrooms can help to stabilize blood sugar.  They can’t replace your insulin altogether, so if you have diabetes, they are not a cure, but they can help. This quality of reishi mushrooms can be useful for anyone who occasionally suffers from hyper-or-hypoglycemia.

It’s important to note that taking too much reishi in conjunction with your diabetes medication can actually cause your blood sugar to drop too low, so always use caution. Speak to your doctor before taking Reishis if you have diabetes.

They Can Protect Your Brain

Some research has shown Reishi mushrooms to be neuroprotective. They contain a substance called Ganoderma lucidum (GLOS), which research has shown to have neuroprotective effects.  In fact, they can actually help stimulate nerve growth in the brain, which is useful in conditions like Alzheimer’s. If your family has a history of Alzheimer’s, consider adding reishi mushroom extract to your diet.

They Can Regulate Your Sleep

Reishi mushrooms won’t make you drowsy, but they can help to promote a healthy sleep cycle if you take them daily. Adding ground reishi mushrooms to your tea or ingesting its extract may be the most efficient way to take your daily dose.

They can Lower Anxiety and Stress

Reishi mushrooms can also help to reduce overall anxiety and stress levels. They are among a category of plants with adaptogenic properties, which are used by Chinese herbalists to help the body adapt to stress.

They Can Help to Improve Concentration

Ancient Chinese Taoists considered the use of reishi mushrooms to be a way to increase focus during meditation.  With their abilities to stabilize blood sugar and help with your sleep patterns, they can also improve your concentration.

Reishi Mushrooms are a Mood Lifter

Reishi mushrooms have been shown in studies to reduce irritability and depression and pain associated with the disease neurasthenia. While there hasn’t been substantial research into the use of Reishi mushrooms to treat depression or anxiety, the results with neurasthenia are promising and warrant further consideration.

Where Can I Find Reishi Mushrooms

Dried Reishi Mushrooms

If you live near an Asian market, they will likely sell dried reishi mushrooms.  Asians often call them Ling Zhi mushrooms.  You can buy them by the ounce (or gram), and then rehydrate them at home by soaking them in water.  You can then cut them up and use them as an ingredient in your cooking.  Reishi mushrooms are particularly good in soups.

Many people consider Japanese reishi mushrooms to be the most pure and beneficial of all the reishi mushrooms available on the market.

If you don’t have an Asian market near you, here is a good source of dried Japanese red reishi mushrooms.  And if you are on a budget, here is a Chinese option.

Reishi Mushroom Powder

Reishi mushroom extract powder is good way to add Reishi Mushrooms to your diet.  We like to add a teaspoon to our coffee in the morning, but you can also add the powder to smoothies or tea.

Terresoul Superfoods Organic Reishi Extract Powder is the one of the better powders out there.

Real Mushrooms Organic Reishi Extract Powder is more expensive, but is also more highly concentrated.  Real Mushrooms has a reputation for quality products.

Reishi Mushroom Capsules

You can buy also buy Reishi mushroom extract powder in capsule form.   We prefer Real Mushrooms organic powder capsules.  For those on a budget, there is a cheaper but non-organic option — Reishi extract capsules from NusaPure

Grow Kits for Growing Reishi Mushrooms at Home

You can grow certain types of reishi mushrooms at home.   This is a particularly good option if you are on a budget, as dried reishi mushrooms can be expensive.  Here is a link to a Reishi Mushroom Grow Kit that has good reviews.  We have not tried growing Reishi mushrooms, but that would make for a good blog article, so it is on our list of things to do soon.

Foraging for Reishi Mushrooms

Lastly, if you are feeling adventurous, you can find several species of reishi mushrooms growing outside in the United States. We will write about this more in a separate post.


However you choose to take your reishi mushrooms, there are many healthy reasons to add reishi mushrooms to your diet.  They are known to have anti-cancer benefits, to regulate sleep, to reduce stress, to fight depression, and much more.  Consider including reishi mushrooms as a part of your daily routine.

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